English Language Teaching and Classroom Management: Anger in our Classrooms

Reflecting on Anger and Classroom Management At my age, a lot of memories of being seven-and-a-half have been pruned or locked away. But this memory of being told off at Halloween has always stuck. Why should that be? In this article we look at the effects of anger and “tellings off” on our brains. If […]

Free Mini Workshop: An Introduction to Drawing as a Tool for the Language Classroom

ELT Activities I’ve written this free mini workshop for English language teachers in response to my experiences running artists in schools projects and working with visual arts, community and English language learning. Drawing is a way of creating your own content and visual material for the English language classroom and a springboard for teaching English […]

A Fun Grammar Refresher in Preparation for the CELTA Course

Will Revising Grammar Help Me Apply for the CELTA Course? When I applied for the CELTA course, I distinctly remember being told that I was a weak applicant on account of my language awareness.  I was a little surprised to be honest, I’d always considered myself to be fairly solid when it came to English. […]

Teaching New Language: When Should We Pre-Teach New Language and Why Should We Recycle Language?

  The other day a student who was completing the Introduction to TEFL/TESOL: English Language Teaching Concepts on ELTCampus got in contact with me. They’re busy gearing up with their CELTA and asked a good question. In each of the modules we take an opportunity to go in and see a classroom in action. In […]

Artists in Schools Project: Visual Arts and Language

What is the Artists in Schools Project? Many years ago, I worked on a programme to encourage schools to invite artists into the classroom. They would to either do workshops with children, make work on site, or have a longer stint as artist in residence. I believe children learn a lot from simply being around […]

Reflections from The Image Conference New York College, Athens 2018

I spoke to a few conference attendees on the final day of The Image Conference Athens, Greece While we were tired, we were happy. Friendships strengthened and new friendships and professional alliances made. The Image Conference for me, is particularly a place where I can find “my tribe”- People like me. The atmosphere is generous, […]

Using Storytelling in English Language Teaching to Young Learners: The Hands Up Project

Using Storytelling in English Language Teaching to Young Learners: The Hands Up Project Nick Bilbrough has been involved in the field of language teaching for twenty-five years training teachers in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Europe and is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide. I recently caught up with him at the Image […]