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Bita Rezaei IELTA Iran

Building an ELT Community in Iran

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It takes a special kind of person to bring people together and forge communities. It takes leonine qualities to get things to happen in restricted circumstances and within a culture not famous for its teamwork.

are you paying attention an interview with Jeremy Harmer

An Interview with Jeremy Harmer

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Popular English Language Teaching (ELT) author, practitioner and trainer, Jeremy Harmer graduated with a BA Hons in English and American Studies followed by an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading and has trained as a Teacher Trainer at International House, London.

Phonemic Chart

Phonics and Phonemic Charts ahhh!!!

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I was asked yesterday by one of the course participants about pronunciation and how much we need to know before we do a course like the CELTA, or how much knowledge we need to demonstrate at the interview stage.

Art in Schools

The Arts and Artists in Schools: Arts Integrated Learning

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Following on from my introductory talk at the Image Conference Malta 2016, I plan to research and develop my practice as an artist-educator through looking at the learning that emerges when artists work with students, in our case, foreign or second/third language learners. I’m not only thinking of what artists can do for these learners, but also what learners can do for the artist’s own practice.

Working with Whiteboards

How to be effective with your whiteboard

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One of the slides contains a video – be aware it may take a little while to load depending on your connection. If you are on your mobile and the slideshow is teeny tiny small, read our tips below instead. Also, if you’re a ELTcampus member, you can post your own ideas in the comments below – we love hearing your ideas!

Permaculture is all about letting things get messy and observing ELTcampus

Where the Growth is. An Interview with Jim Scrivener.

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This month we talk with twice ESU Duke of Edinburgh Prize winner, Jim Scrivener. Best known for his book “Learning Teaching” (Macmillan ELT), a wide-ranging guidebook to contemporary English Language Teaching, which won the ARELS Frank Bell Prize, and featured on our reading list, Jim is a freelance writer, consultant, teacher and trainer.

Activating a Community of Practice: Innovate ELT Conference, Barcelona 2016, Emma Louise Pratt

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Social Learning is the informal learning that takes place in our fluid social spaces, and I argue these to be in face to face communities as well as online.  They are the spaces where we expand our learning networks and gain knowledge on the fly. Our communities of practice help us make sense of that knowledge in a timely fashion. It’s needs based learning. And it’s very necessary now.