An Interview with Jeremy Harmer

are you paying attention an interview with Jeremy Harmer

Popular English Language Teaching (ELT) author, practitioner and trainer, Jeremy Harmer graduated with a BA Hons in English and American Studies followed by an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading and has trained as a Teacher Trainer at International House, London.

His teaching career as an English language teacher took him to Mexico, for which he retains an abiding love, and later he returned to the UK. He has trained teachers and offered seminars all over the world and is a writer of both course material and methodology:  Harmer is the author of methodology titles including How to Teach English‏‎, The Practice of English Language Teaching (which you'll find in our recommended reading list), and How To Teach Writing as well as Graded Readers‏‎. He is a faculty member on the MATESOL at The New School, New York.

In this podcast for, I talk about the issue of observation skills which we are often lacking as learners as well as teachers. I mention it in ann earlier post The Power of Noticing. In the TEFL Preparation Course, we talk about "noticing" in Module One - how we can help learners of language to notice form, grammar rules, meaning, etc. for themselves in a guided discovery approach, instead of simply spoon feeding students with answers.

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