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YLTSIG Web Conference

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YLTSIG Web Conference for English Language Teachers working with children and teens

A free web-conference for English language teachers of young learners and teens.

27-28 November, 2020

About the YLTSIG Web Conference and the Special Interest Group

The YLTSIG (Young Learners and Teens Special Interest Group) is a dynamic collective of teaching professionals from around the world who come together to support the professional development of early-career stage teachers working with children and teens.

I’m happy to have been invited to give a talk at the conference this year where I will be looking at cultural perspectives, stories and sharing a little of my part of the world. I wrote a little about what I will be talking about last month.

Cultural identity and acknowledging our differences as well as what connects us is an important topic for me personally and it’s a hugely important area to look at with our children and our teens to develop empathy for others. I talk about this in the modules on teen neurological development in our online courses.

What can we expect to learn about? What will we be talking about at the YLTSIG Web Conference?

Check out the web conference programme below which is packed full of teaching ideas, approaches, tools, and reflections on how we are teaching and connecting right now. Topics and presentations include:

  • looking at early years
  • how to make use of mindfulness in the classroom
  • how to set up classroom routines
  • how to foster critical thinking
  • creative lesson ideas for lower secondary reading and writing skills
  • culture and perspectives in language classrooms
  • designing escape room games for upper secondary

And lots more besides. If you feel you need a pick-me-up right now and a boost of energy for your teaching, join us and get inspired! Go ahead and sign up to attend the sessions that interest you. It’s completely free.

See you there!

Emma Louise Pratt Inspire Talk YLTSIG 2020