Using Video and Film in English Language Learning

charlie chaplin the kid 1921

Video Telling, by Jamie Keddie

Following on from Jamies talks and videos, a book version of his approach to using short videos in the classroom

Jamie Keddie Youtube Channel

  • Activities
  • Technology in the classroom


Film in Action, by Kieran Donaghy

Forget just putting on a video on a Friday or at the end of the school year! Make it meaningful!

"The book invites teachers to experiment with film, and provides: insights into how learners can engage with film; it includes over 100 activities for teachers to bring film into the language class; and it also includes steps for teachers and learners to create their own moving images."

By teacher, teacher trainer, international conference presenter and writer Kieren Donaghy, based in Barcelona Spain. Kieran is the founder of the Image Conference and Visual Arts Circle as well as the man behind - lesson plans for using short videos in the classroom

  • Activities
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Create your own moving images


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