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Grammar Refresher Course with ELTCampus

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Online Grammar Refresher Course in Preparation for English Language Teacher Training ELTCampus

Grammar Refresher and English Language Awareness

Grammar Refresher Course: What do we need to know when we learn new language?

Most of us, when we decide we want to become English language teachers, want to find out about grammar. We've either forgotten it all or never had a good understanding of English and it's parts in the first place. English teaching requires that we have a grounding in grammar and an understanding of language.

Teaching English isn't All About Grammar.

In this short video, which forms part of the currently free Grammar Refresher Course on ELTCampus, Emma introduces us to what we need to think about when we teach new words in English. The Grammar Refresher Course aims to raise your language awareness, covering the basics of grammar and introducing other aspects of language you'll need to think about.