Artist in Residence IATEFL 2018
Visual Arts and Language Learning: Emma Louise Pratt Artist in Residence at IATEFL 2018

Visual Arts and Language Learning Workshop and Conference Residency. 2018 Visual Artist in Residence: 9 – 13 April, Brighton Centre, Brighton UK

What I learned about building online learning
LTSIG Dublin 2015: Making Learning in a Binary Landscape: Online Learning and Online Communities

Online learning and online communities: Starting with my cultural context of learning, which has been a blend of New Zealand Maori tribal cultures, of colonial culture and generations of family farming culture. I’m going to reflect on what learning has been for my family and what it is becoming for myself and then consider how it is impacting on designing our learning spaces, online learning and online communities, from my experience so far.

activities for working with the visual arts in the language classroom
Visual Arts Activities in the English Language Classroom

Many teachers are daunted by the idea of dealing with the visual arts in the classroom, let alone an English language classroom. They often don’t consider themselves as “arty”. Looking at images created by artists can be confounding. In this article, I’ll offer ideas and activities that can be used when working with the visual arts that empower teacher and learner alike.

Preparing for the CELTA with ELTCampus
CELTA Preparation: What is Learner Centredness in Teaching?

In this article, we’ll have a look at this key concept that you need to understand as part of your CELTA preparation. We’ll also have a look at and some of the difficulties in applying it in English language classroom.

teaching speaking skills to young learners
How do Young Learners Develop Their Speaking Skills?

What do  I Need to Keep in Mind When Teaching Speaking Skills in Children’s English Language Classes (Young Learners)? Listening Skills Develop Before Speaking Skills

Lesson Planning Books
Lesson Planning for English Language Teachers

How to Write a Lesson Plan: Introduction to Basic Lesson Design and the 8 Keys to Good Planning, by Lynn Melby Gordon. In this short ebook about lesson planning, you can find out how to write a lesson objective and draft a practical lesson plan using a classic and adaptable lesson plan outline. Eight key elements related to good lesson design are reviewed:

Teaching Writing in English
Teaching Writing

Teaching writing to learners of a second or other language requires particular approaches and scaffolding. here is a book that can help get you started.

elt books about teaching speaking
Teaching Speaking

The stages of a lesson allow for a holistic approach to productive skills such as speaking. In a lesson with the objective of practicing speaking, there are typically the three stages of “pre”, “while” and “post”.

how children learn, learning theories and children
How do children learn? Ideas we need to know for teaching young learners

Chances are that at some point in your teaching career, you will teach or will have taught children. I had the classic scenario of starting with adults and slowly but surely being given classes with younger and younger students, until one day I realised that I was almost entirely a young learner teacher. Thing is, I never got any clear guidance in all that time as to how that should have been affecting my teaching. How do children learn? Were there any learning theories I should know about?