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Teaching Writing

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Teaching Writing in English

Simple Writing Activities (Oxford Basics), by Jill Hadfield and Charles Hadfield

Teaching writing to learners of a second or other language requires particular approaches and scaffolding. here is a book that can help get you started.

“…as a teacher I can pick, choose and adapt a variety of ideas/activities from this book as well as the other Oxford Basics books.” – review

  • Productive Skills: Writing

The Hadfields have produced a series of these Oxford Basics that cover all the skills: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Activities, as well a Presenting New Language.

How to Teach Writing, by Jeremy Harmer

This publication on teaching writing skills first looks at the nature of writing, from process, to product, and different writing genres and styles English language learners need to be able to use successfully. The book also contains a wide range of writing tasks to choose from according to what teachers believe will be most effective in developing learners’ writing skills.

  • Productive Skills: Writing

Writing Skills is covered in Module 7 of the TEFL Preparation Course and Module 3 of the Teaching English to Young Learners Course

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