Rob Howard, Neurolanguage Learning and Coaching

What can we learn from neuroscience and learning to apply to English language teaching?I spoke with well-known Business English language and communications specialist Rob Howard about the 4th International Neurolanguage Learning Conference taking place in London later in April 2020. Rob and I talked about his training in Neurolanguage Coaching and what it means forContinue reading “Rob Howard, Neurolanguage Learning and Coaching”

Reflections from The Image Conference New York College, Athens 2018

I spoke to a few conference attendees on the final day of The Image Conference Athens, Greece While we were tired, we were happy. Friendships strengthened and new friendships and professional alliances made. The Image Conference for me, is particularly a place where I can find “my tribe”- People like me. The atmosphere is generous,Continue reading “Reflections from The Image Conference New York College, Athens 2018”

LTSIG Dublin 2015: Making Learning in a Binary Landscape: Online Learning and Online Communities

Online learning and online communities: Starting with my cultural context of learning, which has been a blend of New Zealand Maori tribal cultures, of colonial culture and generations of family farming culture. I’m going to reflect on what learning has been for my family and what it is becoming for myself and then consider how it is impacting on designing our learning spaces, online learning and online communities, from my experience so far.

Teaching English in Brazil: An interview with Teacher Developer Henrick Oprea

This month of September, Emma talks with Henrick Oprea about teaching English in Brazil and the issues teachers face, teacher development, the BrazTESOL conference in 2018, Native-Speakerism, locally informed methodologies and the art of reflection in learning and life.

A fine balance: IATEFL 2017

IATEFL’s (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) International Annual Conference and Exhibition was held in Glasgow in early April and I had the opportunity this year of attending for the first time. Over four days 500 or more talks, workshops and symposiums were held as well as smaller get-togethers of interest groups.

The Arts and Artists in Schools: Arts Integrated Learning

Following on from my introductory talk at the Image Conference Malta 2016, I plan to research and develop my practice as an artist-educator through looking at the learning that emerges when artists work with students, in our case, foreign or second/third language learners. I’m not only thinking of what artists can do for these learners, but also what learners can do for the artist’s own practice.