Using Storytelling in ELT to Young Learners: The Hands Up Project

Using Storytelling in ELT to Young Learners: The Hands Up Project Nick Bilbrough has been involved in the field of language teaching for twenty-five years. training teachers in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Europe and is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide. I recently caught up with him at the Image Conference inContinue reading “Using Storytelling in ELT to Young Learners: The Hands Up Project”

Teaching English in Brazil: An interview with Teacher Developer Henrick Oprea

This month of September, Emma talks with Henrick Oprea about teaching English in Brazil and the issues teachers face, teacher development, the BrazTESOL conference in 2018, Native-Speakerism, locally informed methodologies and the art of reflection in learning and life.

Multimodal Literacies, the Visual Arts and (E)LT

Is there a paradigm shift happening in the world of TEFL and language teaching? Emma Pratt talks to Anna Whitcher and Kieran Donaghy, the dynamic partnership behind the Visual Arts Circle, a community of practice formed for language teachers interested in multimodal literacy, visual literacy and the visual arts. The Visual Arts Circle’s sixth annual Image Conference kicks off in October 2017 in Lisbon.

Quiet catalysts for change: The life of a regular EFL teacher

The world of English language teaching is diverse and full of potential to make it as interesting and challenging as you want to make it. This month we have a conversation with Magdalena Brzezinska. Magdalena has been an EFL teacher for over 20 years in her native Poland, and a teacher trainer for 10 years.

Post CELTA: Managing the Young Learner Classroom

This month, Moira Allen, a Young & Very Young Learners teacher based in Seville, Spain, has shared with us some of her advice for teachers who find themselves in a YL classroom. Read her highlights below and listen to us talking about classroom managment on the podcast.

Teaching English to Young Learners: Anna Hasper talks about her career in ELT and her work with our online YL course

Anna is the Director of TeacherTrain and a self-confessed addict to learning and teaching. Her passion is enabling teachers to become the best teacher they can by enhancing all students’ learning opportunities through effective teaching and engagement.