A Fun Grammar Refresher in Preparation for the CELTA Course

Will Revising Grammar Help Me Apply for the CELTA Course? When I applied for the CELTA course, I distinctly remember being told that I was a weak applicant on account of my language awareness.  I was a little surprised to be honest, I’d always considered myself to be fairly solid when it came to English.Continue reading “A Fun Grammar Refresher in Preparation for the CELTA Course”

Homo Ludens? Learning and play in the language classroom

Well known author and teacher developer Jim Scrivener spoke to me in an interview a couple of years ago about focusing on where learning is happening. He claims that we devote  lot of time as teachers to almost ritualistic teaching acts to engage and entertain students. In this article I go on to explore this idea further.

Phonics and Phonemic Charts ahhh!!!

I was asked yesterday by one of the course participants about pronunciation and how much we need to know before we do a course like the CELTA, or how much knowledge we need to demonstrate at the interview stage.

How can I apply and prepare for my CELTA course?

How can I apply for a CELTA course? What are the best ways to prepare for the CELTA and even come out with a better result at the end? Let’s find out, shall we?