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Reflections from The Image Conference New York College, Athens 2018

I spoke to a few conference attendees on the final day of The Image Conference Athens, Greece While we were tired, we were happy. Friendships strengthened and new friendships and professional alliances made. The Image Conference for me, is particularly a place where I can find “my tribe”- People like me. The atmosphere is generous, […]

I’m a Task Based Learner: Reflecting on What I Learn For and How
I’m a Task Based Learner: Reflecting on What I Learn For and How

Get Your Learners Thinking Creatively in the English Language Classroom: 5 Activities to Use in the Classroom

Artist in Residence IATEFL 2018
Visual Arts and Language Learning: Emma Louise Pratt Artist in Residence at IATEFL 2018

Visual Arts and Language Learning Workshop and Conference Residency. 2018 Visual Artist in Residence: 9 – 13 April, Brighton Centre, Brighton UK

What I learned about building online learning
LTSIG Dublin 2015: Making Learning in a Binary Landscape: Online Learning and Online Communities

Online learning and online communities: Starting with my cultural context of learning, which has been a blend of New Zealand Maori tribal cultures, of colonial culture and generations of family farming culture. I’m going to reflect on what learning has been for my family and what it is becoming for myself and then consider how it is impacting on designing our learning spaces, online learning and online communities, from my experience so far.

Art in Schools
The Arts and Artists in Schools: Arts Integrated Learning

Following on from my introductory talk at the Image Conference Malta 2016, I plan to research and develop my practice as an artist-educator through looking at the learning that emerges when artists work with students, in our case, foreign or second/third language learners. I’m not only thinking of what artists can do for these learners, but also what learners can do for the artist’s own practice.

Activating a Community of Practice: Innovate ELT Conference, Barcelona 2016, Emma Louise Pratt

Social Learning is the informal learning that takes place in our fluid social spaces, and I argue these to be in face to face communities as well as online.  They are the spaces where we expand our learning networks and gain knowledge on the fly. Our communities of practice help us make sense of that knowledge in a timely fashion. It’s needs based learning. And it’s very necessary now.