Online Teaching: Making Space for Social Connection

A lot is going on right now around the edges of our predominantly online teaching – we all know it! In the middle of giving an online workshop on Saturday for the 2020 CETA Symposium, I noticed a text message from my neighbour, who is in isolation with her family having driven to Stansted AirportContinue reading “Online Teaching: Making Space for Social Connection”

Online English Teaching Activities

A group of teachers got together to share ideas about online English teaching activities to try. We also discussed tools and tips for making our lessons more engaging and dynamic. We had some fun experiencing different learning interactions and began with trying a listening activity ourselves.  It reminded us what it feels like to beContinue reading “Online English Teaching Activities”

Tips for Giving Instructions When Teaching English Online

Teaching Online: Giving Instructions in an Online Class Poor instructions ruin a lesson. That simple. When you haven’t planned what you want to say regarding instructions and how to say it, we compromise the timing, the activities and the objectives that form our lesson. So what happens when we are teaching online? The other morningContinue reading “Tips for Giving Instructions When Teaching English Online”

Rob Howard, Neurolanguage Learning and Coaching

What can we learn from neuroscience and learning to apply to English language teaching?I spoke with well-known Business English language and communications specialist Rob Howard about the 4th International Neurolanguage Learning Conference taking place in London later in April 2020. Rob and I talked about his training in Neurolanguage Coaching and what it means forContinue reading “Rob Howard, Neurolanguage Learning and Coaching”

Video and Film in English Language Learning

Following on from Jamies talks and videos, a book version of his approach to using short videos in the classroom