Our Thinking Framework: Cultural Identity

Join us for our online conference in November 2020 for teachers of children and teens Coming up in November, I will be attending the IATEFL YLTSIG Web Conference 27- 29 November. I want to encourage you to attend. The Young Learners and Teens Special Interest Group focuses on professional development for teachers “of all agesContinue reading “Our Thinking Framework: Cultural Identity”

Teaching English to Young Learners: Anger in our Classrooms

Reflecting on Anger and Classroom Management when teaching English to Young Learners At my age, a lot of memories of being seven-and-a-half have been pruned or locked away. But this memory of being told off at Halloween has always stuck. Why should that be? In this article we look at the effects of anger andContinue reading “Teaching English to Young Learners: Anger in our Classrooms”

Intercultural Communication Competency in ELT Classes.

Hidden challenges of English language teaching In the spectrum of reasons why people want to become CELTA qualified there is for sure the desire to travel around the world and discover new cultures while earning a living by teaching English. It sounds like the perfect life-professional plan! However, quite often even the most experienced teachersContinue reading “Intercultural Communication Competency in ELT Classes.”

A Fun Grammar Refresher in Preparation for the CELTA Course

Will Revising Grammar Help Me Apply for the CELTA Course? When I applied for the CELTA course, I distinctly remember being told that I was a weak applicant on account of my language awareness.  I was a little surprised to be honest, I’d always considered myself to be fairly solid when it came to English.Continue reading “A Fun Grammar Refresher in Preparation for the CELTA Course”

CELTA preparation course: When Should We Pre-Teach New Language and Why Should We Recycle Language?

The other day, a student who was completing the Introduction to TEFL/TESOL: English Language Teaching Concepts on ELTCampus got in contact with me. They’re busy gearing up with their CELTA preparation course and asked a good question. In each of the modules we take an opportunity to go in and see a classroom in action.Continue reading “CELTA preparation course: When Should We Pre-Teach New Language and Why Should We Recycle Language?”

Lesson Planning for English Language Teachers

How to Write a Lesson Plan: Introduction to Basic Lesson Design and the 8 Keys to Good Planning, by Lynn Melby Gordon. In this short ebook about lesson planning, you can find out how to write a lesson objective and draft a practical lesson plan using a classic and adaptable lesson plan outline. Eight key elements related to good lesson design are reviewed: