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  • Many teachers are daunted by the idea of dealing with the visual arts in the classroom, let alone an English language classroom. They often don’t consider themselves as “arty”. Looking at images created by artis […]

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    Problems might be that learners have not learnt all of the 44 sounds of English and perhaps have an aversion to learning them and applying them directly in their study of pronunciation. Previous teachers may not have dwelt on this area, meaning that the symbols are not clearly understood by your current class.
    To be honest, even as a…[Read more]

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    It’s Techy Monday! I’m busy uploading some lower res videos onto the server for those of you living in countries that block access to the higher resolution videos that I store on Vimeo. Let me know if these are easier to load – you won’t need a VPN

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    Hi Everyone, IATEFL 2018 is getting close (9-13 April in Brighton UK) I’m busy preparing for it as I wil lbe the artist in residence:

  • Visual Arts and Language Learning Workshop
    This year I’ve been invited to be the Artist in Residence during the IATEFL annual conference to highlight the topic visual arts and language learning and broaden the […]

  • The roles I play as a teacher are many. I am a facilitator, guide, mentor, strategist and counsellor in order to facilitate learning. The atmosphere of the class determines the roles I play, though I must confess it doesn’t come easy, especially as I’m teaching Year 4 pupils (ages 8-9).
    As regards teacher-student relationship, a teacher…[Read more]

    • You’re right Modupe,
      Teaching is a juggling act. We have to be very attentive to the needs of the class and its individuals. We don’t always get it right. With young learners, we have to be authoritative, but kind.

      You might find this video useful: I made it from the writing of Carol Read who is a well known Young Learners specialist in English…[Read more]

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    What ways do you differentiate in your class? Hmmm… It’s not only about the age or gender, but rather their family’s socal and cultural level that they belong to.

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    I was taught in a strictly teacher-centred environment and the only time that it was a bit learner-centred was when we were having our Fine Art (drawing) classes and while doing physical education. With my knowledge of education and current exposure, I don’t think there is any situation where it is better for the class to be teacher-centred…[Read more]

    • Hi Modupe,

      Some teachers find that the cultural perspective of the learners makes it necessary to be more teacher centred. This isn’t for pedagogical reasons as much as for cultural reasons. The learners can feel blocked and confused if the focus is suddenly put on them when all they know is of a system where the teacher is at the top of the pyramid.

  • I recall being part way through undergraduate teaching before I started to learn autonomously rather than to avoid being reprimanded by the teacher. When I started teaching under- and post-grads (not language teaching) I tried hard to emphasise my role as a guide and mentor, helping each learner to develop to pass the essential exams but also to…[Read more]

    • That’s important work. Jim Scrivener would say that we can’t motivate people. It can only come from within and our job is to model, guide, inspire. The issue of motivation is a constant problem for many teachers. I had many language students only motivated to pass an exam, but not to acquire the language itself for its own sake. Antonia Clare (ELT…[Read more]

  • For learning something completely new I find it helpful to start with a teacher centred overview and a clear aim. After that I like to explore on my own with others available to assist.

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  • When I think back to my own days as a learner under an authoritative, teacher centred approach and where we are now in learning i.e. the student centred approach, I can really appreciate the evolving art of teaching.
    The teacher these days acts more as a facilitator, encouraging the learner to “bring something to the table” in terms of being res…[Read more]

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