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Online Teacher Training Course to Teach English for IELTS Exams

Find out how to teach IELTS. Help your students reach their IELTS goals.

Our Online Self Paced IELTS Teacher Training Course Content

Introductory online, self-paced course for training and preparing candidates for IELTS exams

IELTS Assessment Criteria

Understand the different papers of the IELTS exams, what language skills the IELTS paper is testing, and how. Discover ideas for pair and self-assessment techniques.

IELTS Exam Skills

Unpack what skills and cross skills IELTS candidates need to have to be successful. Find out how to develop these skills.

Manage IELTS Learning

Manage your students, encourage them with techniques and approaches. Run engaging activities online and face-to-face.

IELTS Webinars with Teaching Experts

We drill down into the detail during our live online, interactive workshops. Join our teaching community!