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How Can I Prepare for the CELTA Course?

Pass your CELTA with flying colours!

A basic grounding in English language teaching concepts, grammar, and core principles will have you hitting the ground running. This course includes:

Grammar Refresher

This grammar module covers just what you need to know for beginning English teacher training. (5 + hours)

Language Analysis and Language Practice

Together with our Grammar Refresher, get an idea of how to think about language (language awareness) and what our learners need to know when presented with new language. (4 hours)

Intro to Learner Centredness

Learner Centredness is a key teaching approach today and a fundamental concept that is presented on the CELTA course. Understand how it works. (5 hours)

Classroom Management

How do we manage an adult classroom? Is it about leading from the front? The back? Guiding at the side? All or neither? (2+ hours)

Language Skills

Once you understand what language analysis and practice is, what skills do we teach when we teach English and what does that look like? (4 hours)

Lesson Planning

The final module that puts everything together in a lesson plan. Discover the basics of lesson planning.(3 hours)

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"It prepared me for what to expect during the CELTA course, and taught me basic (yet essential) terminology, methodology. The prep course also showed me by examples how it works in practice..."

- David, Student (ELTCampus CELTA Course Bundle)

Thinking about teaching English? About to start a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL or similar but have no idea about teaching?

We believe that well trained and reflective English teachers can do something wonderful in their classrooms. We’re passionate about helping teachers be great. That’s why we create these courses and we’re here to start you on the right track!

Course Experts and Tutors

Written and informed by experienced teachers and teacher trainers in the field of English language teaching (ELT) from different backgrounds and countries, this course is guaranteed to better prepare you for your training and build your confidence through a basic introduction to key terms and concepts used in English teaching today.


CELTA and Delta Tutor and Assessor

"I’ve been training teachers for the Cambridge CELTA and Delta for many years and in many different countries. Over time I recognised that some trainees who were unfamiliar with certain teaching approaches would benefit from a short introduction to teaching ideas and concepts before they started a rigorous and intensive teacher training course like the Cambridge CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL."

Emma Louise Pratt

Emma Louise Pratt / Course Tutor

"Through our contact in the English teacher training sector, we also saw this need for a course that helped prepare candidates for their training courses. This isn’t a course to train people to teach. It’s an orientation course to better prepare them for their English teacher training, which can be very intensive and stressful when you have no idea at all about teaching or education ideas today. We want to thank everyone who has contributed and especially the teachers of and Giralda Centre, Seville, Spain for letting me into their classrooms."


"The ELT Campus TEFL Preparation Course is definitely worth its modest price and the time one needs to invest in completing the course. Anyone planning to do a CELTA will greatly benefit from the basic orientation and understanding that the TEFL Prep Course provides. The videos offer a glimpse into what a 'real' ELT classroom is like, invaluable for those with no experience in particular."
Steve Oakes
Writer for English Language Coursebook Speakout  & Head of Teacher Training at IH Budapest



Let's get you prepared for your CELTA course!