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charlie chaplin the kid 1921
Using Video and Film in English Language Learning

Following on from Jamies talks and videos, a book version of his approach to using short videos in the classroom

Puppet Theatre Workshop
Travelling together from the unknown to the known: Tony Gee, Workshops and Project-Based Learning

While contemplating project-based and experiential learning, Emma finds out some key truths for learning in the world of workshop artist Tony Gee, the Artistic Director and co-founder of Creation Myth Puppets. Tony has worked in the arts and as a puppeteer, for over 30 years, touring shows and workshops all over the world.

a fine balance iatefl 2017
A fine balance: IATEFL 2017

IATEFL’s (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) International Annual Conference and Exhibition was held in Glasgow in early April and I had the opportunity this year of attending for the first time. Over four days 500 or more talks, workshops and symposiums were held as well as smaller get-togethers of interest groups.

Island Tide Turning: How Malta is Shifting Its ELT Image

From warm, Mediterranean island to ELT powerhouse: Malta is in the midst of a huge ELT industry shift. At the fourth annual ELT Malta Conference in November last year, the industry was feeling the aftereffects of change.

Laying the Foundations for Better CELTA trainees

After realising that trainees on his own courses were struggling to come to terms with a lot of new concepts and techniques, teacher trainer Jamie King decided to look for a solution. After a conversation with an English teacher turned course-designer who’d noticed the same thing, the ELTcampus TEFL preparation course was born.