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Module One TEFL Preparation Course

Replacing the Course Material

Replacing the Course Material

Having a background in museums, I’m well familiar with the term “curate”. In a museum sense, the curator is the subject specialist and chief story-teller. By the end of the 1980s, the museum community was finally questioning its role as gatekeeper and chief filterer of information.

TEFL Motivation Issues

Motivation in the classroom

What can we do when we are required to complete a coursebook – say for example the learners need to successfully pass an exam – but the content is not relevant to the learner or motivating them to be participative and communicative in class?

The Power of Noticing

The Power of Noticing

Observation is important when thinking about learning in any context – watching how understanding, epiphanies and other learning experiences take place, where and when. Observation in itself, is part of learning.

Teacher Centred Learning

Teacher Talk. People Talk.

When we’re talking it’s hard to know what’s going on in the heads of the learner. How do you control your teacher talking time (TTT)? And is talking really so bad?