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teaching speaking skills to young learners
How do Young Learners Develop Their Speaking Skills?

What do  I Need to Keep in Mind When Teaching Speaking Skills in Children’s English Language Classes (Young Learners)? Listening Skills Develop Before Speaking Skills

elt books about teaching speaking
Teaching Speaking

The stages of a lesson allow for a holistic approach to productive skills such as speaking. In a lesson with the objective of practicing speaking, there are typically the three stages of “pre”, “while” and “post”.

English Language Teaching Books
English Language Teaching Books

These books on English language teaching are often on the recommended reading list given to you by many teacher trainers. Some may help with your pre-training tasks set for you by your tutors.

Learners and teaching pronunciation
Teaching Pronunciation in the Classroom

Tony Penston, founder of TP Publications and author of “Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers”, and “A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers”, gives us his views on embedding pronunciation correction successfully in a lesson.