A Career Change:  English Language Teaching

I had been thinking about doing a teaching English course ever since I got back from travelling around Costa Rica. I didn’t really understand how you could suddenly be a teacher even of your Mother tongue by doing a two day online course with no contact with actual students. So, I looked into the CELTA course. The CELTA seemed like a very tough course but precisely because of that, once certified, employers really respect the qualification.

About the CELTA Course

As the main course is so intense and you really need to put 100% into it. I thought that doing the online prep course for CELTA was a great idea. It’s very thorough and very comprehensive. The pre-CELTA course really helped get me up to date with all the new terminology before I started the intensive four week course in Seville.

It is scary having a complete career change and studying again after a long time out of full time education, but it is so worth it. I learned so much and my colleagues and tutors were absolutely amazing and so supportive.

I’d really recommend doing this online prep course for CELTA even if you are undecided about doing the actual CELTA qualification as it’s a great introduction to CELTA methods and understanding the world of teaching English.


United Kingdom
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