How the course may have helped you feel orientated and “in tune” with becoming an English teacher. Has it changed your ideas at all about what you thought teaching was about?

I have always been on the other side of the story. I’ve been learning English since I was about 5 or 6. I am used to a classroom routine, where you have different stages etc. I just never quite realized that this is what was happening.

It was natural for me and my colleagues to, for example, be introduced to the topic first, then get to the material and do a little post exercise of some kind after. I have just come to the realisation that there is a procedure to follow and it all makes sense now! I can now understand all the techniques my English teachers were using and it is so interesting.

Overall, The TEFL Preparation Course for CELTA has helped me come to an understanding of how a class can or should be managed. Some things might have been common sense, but I hadn’t noticed them till I started the course. For example, something so simple as: not repeating yourself much with words like “okay?”, “yeah?” or treating the students as children. This is a very typical mistake and I have been on the other side of too. I didn’t used to like it whenever they would talk to me in that way and I would think to myself “I’m not a child, it’s just not my first language”!

Prepare for the CELTA

I feel more confident about doing the CELTA after this course. I was always a bit nervous of the fact that I am not a native speaker. I have noticed throughout the course, that it is not about being native, but being able to teach and handle situations quick and smoothly.

Even though I haven’t started my CELTA yet, I feel that I am in a better place to do so. I feel much more confident having learnt new concepts, techniques and having observed many lessons that have given me new ideas.

Overall, I would highly recommend the course as a pre CELTA experience.

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