Pre-CELTA Course Made Me More Confident

I found the course extremely useful, and I feel more confident about completing the CELTA certification. I have been doing some preparation for understanding English grammar on my own. but completing this pre-CELTA course that helped me focus on teaching. It helped me understand the mindset I need towards teaching. It really helped me.

Visual, Interactive, Audio and Written Content

I really enjoyed the various ways the information was presented to me. It was visual, written, interactive, aural and I could see a classroom. Being able to see a classroom in action was very useful. The quiz to determine primarily what kind of learner I am  was very interesting too! I think it’s important for me to think about the way I learn and my past learning experiences to work towards understanding how to teach better.

I also found the hand-drawn images during the course really fun and especially the little sound effects and the cheering by the little drawn people!

Providing a certificate of completion at the end of the pre-CELTA course was a good idea, because I feel a little more accomplished. I feel ready to tackle the next challenge that is CELTA.

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