Doing this course helped me prepare for the CELTA interview

I signed up to the TEFL Preparation course for CELTA before I had secured a place to study the CELTA course. I had only gone through maybe to about halfway when I got through to the interview stage for the CELTA. I have to say what I covered really gave me the confidence in my interview to stand out. I then completed the rest of course before I started the intensive.

This pre CELTA course gives you an insight into the CELTA course and what to expect

The pre-CELTA TEFL Preparation Course is so concise where it needs to be and it literally covers everything you will learn on the CELTA course (how to prepare your future lessons, how to get your students to achieve the aims, how to diversify your lessons and classroom management to mention a few). The course is also delivered in a high quality manner where you have interactive exercises, quizzes and videos. It’s so well thought through.

I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to teach but has no teaching experience. It puts things into perspective and potentially paves the way to achieve well on your selected TEFL course.

United Kingdom
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