The CELTA course trains English teachers to teach adults. They often find themselves teaching young learners. At least that’s my experience in language schools in Hungary. They think that using the same lesson frameworks and methods they use with adults, while adding a couple of games should be enough. This course highlights the differences without being too theoretical.

The course is highly informative for novice teachers who are only starting to deal with young learners. The course is also useful for teachers who have been teaching young learners for a while. Through this course they can gain a deeper understanding of ‘how children work’.

I found the ‘Ideas for the Classroom’ parts especially practical and useful – they were quite simple and easily adaptable. The module on listening was especially practical. It has numerous classroom activities that teachers can easily put into practice. The resources in the course – e.g. the Rainbow Fish story or the songs are valuable ideas that teachers can take away and experiment with in their classrooms.

The example activities with ‘Song of the Sea’ provides a useful example of how to exploit video material in the classroom. Although I do not teach young learners at the moment, watching ‘Song of the Sea’ I instantly felt like I’d love tomade me want to take this lesson plan and try it out with a class of primary students.

Steve Oakes
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