This Teaching English to Young Learner course is an excellent extension to your main teaching qualification if you deal with young learners a lot. It is well-organized and structured. You can take lessons at your own pace on-line.

The Young Learners course gives you many practical techniques and tools to apply in your classroom. I like the variety of content and exercises, especially “resource library” supplement, which you can study in-depth after the course. I’m sure each teacher will find something new and surprising about young learners from this course. Thank you!

-Thanks so much Daryna. The variety aims to present and stimulate ideas that teachers can apply in their own classrooms. Please let me know how you get on with your teaching and if you are trying out a technique or approach, let me know how it goes. This course has three of four parts really, the first is all this input online, the second is where you get into the classroom and apply ideas, the third and forth are reflection and feedback. Talk to colleagues, discuss and share ideas. Remember, I’m always happy to listen and give feedback. Go well!

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