Prepare for your CELTA with our TEFL PREPARATION COURSE

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Pass your CELTA with flying colours!

A basic grounding in English language teaching concepts and core principles will have you hitting the ground running.

  • 100% Online
  • For laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Course start dates: Anytime!
  • Course length: Your own pace - normally around 16 hours duration
  • Teaching observations
  • Activities and videos
  • Certificate of completion
  • This course is also great preparation for Trinity CertTESOL


Maialen TEFL Preparation Course Testimonial

TEFL Preparation Course

"I feel more confident about doing the CELTA after this course. I was always a bit nervous of the fact that I am not a native speaker. I can now understand all the techniques my English teachers were using and it is so interesting..."

David TEFL Preparation Course Testimonial

TEFL Preparation Course

"It prepared me for what to expect during the CELTA course, and taught me basic (yet essential) terminology, methodology. The prep course also showed me by examples how it works in practice..."


Anna Hasper, Teacher Training

Anna Hasper
Teacher Trainer, Course Materials Writer

As an experienced CELTA and YL-extension teacher trainer I’m so pleased to finally have an opportunity to refer potential candidates to a TESOL/TEFL Preparation Course. Many trainees coming onto CELTA do not realise the intensity of the course which often negatively affects their overall performance. Now ELTCampus offers a solid preparation course that familiarises candidates with many of the concepts we go into and put into practice during the CELTA course. For some less confident candidates this course, which covers key concepts, essential terminology and provides an insight into communicative language teaching in practice, can make the difference between a pass or fail and it can even be the difference between a pass and a strong pass.

Marianne Jordan, TEFL Teacher and Writer

Marianne Jordan
TEFL Teacher, Writer for

I wish there had been an orientation course available before I did the CELTA course! I was already a qualified teacher. I am a native speaker of English. I thought this should be the easiest topic to teach to date. It was the most difficult! I had no idea about terms like "graded language", "language skills", "TTT", or "choral drilling" etc etc. Three fellow CELTA students pulled out in the first week! If you are thinking of doing any type of TEFL course , even if you already have a teaching qualification, I would strongly recommend taking the "TEFL Preparation Course" with the very dedicated teaching team at ELTCAMPUS to give you an insight into all the new terminology and teaching skills you will have to learn. They can also help you to save time, money and the biggie....Stress!


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