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Asynchronous online courses for English language teachers

Pre-service English teacher training preparation and ongoing professional development.

Preparation for English Teacher Training

You're considering English language teaching, or are about to apply for a course. Be prepared: learn about key ideas, teaching methods and core concepts. Refresh your grammar and increase your language awareness. 6 courses + bonus material.

Teaching English to Children & Teens

New to teaching Young Learners or Teens? We look at all the aspects of teaching young learners pre-teens, and teens: from characteristics and differences between childhood stages and adult learners to classroom management, planning, skills, tips and ideas.

Teaching English for Exams

Becoming an exam preparation teacher, tutor or online coach, increases your employment prospects. Find out how to prepare students for their exams with helpful teaching and assessment tips so your students reach their goals.

James Heal
Emma Louise Pratt
Anna Hasper

Why train with ELTCampus?

ELTCampus was founded by a passionate teacher and teacher developer, who has been working in the English language teaching industry for 20 years.

ELTcampus course content creators work with teachers and trainers who are experts in their fields and are dedicated to giving you practical information that will help you when you are on the front line of the classroom. We want to offer education in an easier, more accessible way for everyone to learn - no matter where you are in the world.

ELTCampus courses cover a range of areas and skills for English language teachers.

The TEFL Preparation Course (also known as the CELTA Preparation Course) was developed by a CELTA and Delta teacher trainer with the view to improve candidate performance on the CELTA course by giving them some insight into teaching English before they started. It was nominated for the British Council ELTons award for Teacher Resources as a result. Since then, a grammar review and language awareness exercises have been added to the course, giving a complete preparation for anyone thinking about a career in English language teaching.

ELTCampus has developed a Young Learners course for teachers who are qualified or have some teaching experience but have never taught children and want to teach this age group (3 - 10 yrs) more effectively. It covers everything from teaching the language skills to understanding child development and how this impacts on what and how we teach children. It also looks at managing ourselves and our learners as well as lesson planning.

Other courses include a course about teaching pre and early teens where we look again at the neurological, physical, social, and emotional development of this age group (10-15yrs). Understanding these areas of a young adolescent's life completely changes how we teach and what.

Other courses include teaching for special purposes such as teaching for exams.

We have free mini-courses for teachers to inspire them to be creative in the classroom.